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Built In Book Case
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Ikea Billy

Ikea bookcases were used for the base of the built ins.

Ikea Billy 2

Bookcases were placed on both sides of the wall to create the illusion of the bookcase passing though the wall.

Built Ins

The bookcases were reinforced for strength and the sides were thickened for a higher quality look.

Built Ins 2

The bookcases were put on a base because the floor was not level.

Book Case Final Assembly
Bookcase Final Assembly 2

Lights were added to the top to light up the books.

Built In Final 2
Built In Final 2
Bunk Bed Anchor
Porch Ceiling Beadboard
Porch Ceiling

Porch ceiling before tongue and groove boards.

Tongue and Groove

Unfinished tongue and groove installed on a porch in the Museum District.

Sealed Porch Ceiling

Tongue and groove sealed with a quality exterior primer to protect the wood from the elements.

Painted Porch Ceiling

A porch swing was installed and the tongue and groove was painted a traditional shade of light blue.

Under Stair Storage

Wall Paneling

A customer in the Fan wanted to utilized the dead space under their stairs for storage.

Panel Removal

The panel was carefully cut out and exposed the space where the storage drawer will go.

Storage Drawer

Heavy duty sliders were mounted to the floor so the drawer could easily be opened and closed when full.

Under Stair Storage

The entire drawer was constructed and slide out to full depth.

Custom Storage

This angle shows how much volume this storage drawer has.

Storage Drawer Finish

The panel that was removed was attached to the drawer so it would blend in with the paneling.

Hidden Storage

Magnetic latches hold the drawer closed, and with a press would open the drawer enough to be able to grab it and pull it all of the way out.

Custom Built In

Built In DVD Storage

This customer wanted an area to store their extensive DVD collection. This was a closet that was in an odd location.

Closet Storage

There are panels on either side that pop out for some more hidden storage.

Hidden Storage

The lower cabinet was large and is used for storage of larger items.

Interior Painting

The shelves were all adjustable to hold different sized DVD cases, VHS tapes, and other media.

Small Bathroom Renovation

Dry Rotted Floor

The floor was rotten in this small bathroom in Lakeside. There was a leak that had been fixed long ago, but the wood still dry rotted.

Rotted Floor Removal

The rotten wood was removed, and a floor joist was sistered to add strength.

Subflooring Installation

New sub flooring was installed to the correct height so the toilet would not leak again


The rest of the old flooring was removed and new sub floor was installed in the entire bathroom.

Plaster Repair

Old stick on tiles were removed from the wall. The medicine cabinet was removed, as well as an out of use window that was covered up by an addition.


The walls were finished an painted. Then the floor tile was installed.


After the tile the wainscoting was installed and painted. Then the trim and toilet were reinstalled.

Bathroom Renovation

A small vanity was installed to replace a pedestal sink to add some storage to this small space.

Fence and Gate Building and Repair

The Fan Fence Repair

A small privacy fence in the Fan.

Sturdy Gate Lock

A sturdy lock was added for security.

Privacy Fence
Fence Repair
Fence Building

Exterior Storage Doors

Exterior Storage

When this house in the Museum District was new this was originally an ice box.

Custom Exterior Storage

Currently it is used for some storage and it houses the electrical meter and other utilities.

Exterior Doors

New doors were built in the style of the old rotting doors.

Paint to match

After paint you would never know they weren't the original doors.

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