Built In Book Case
Ikea Billy

Ikea bookcases were used for the base of the built ins.

Ikea Billy 2

Bookcases were placed on both sides of the wall to create the illusion of the bookcase passing though the wall.

Built Ins

The bookcases were reinforced for strength and the sides were thickened for a higher quality look.

Built Ins 2

The bookcases were put on a base because the floor was not level.

Book Case Final Assembly
Bookcase Final Assembly 2

Lights were added to the top to light up the books.

Built In Final 2
Built In Final 2
Ceiling Box Removal
Ceiling Box

This box on the ceiling had no purpose other than cosmetics.

Ceiling Box Removed

Once removed the area really opened up without the box hanging from the ceiling.

Ceiling Repaired From Box

Once the ceiling was repaired the room seemed so much bigger.

Ceiling Final

Once painted the ceiling and room looked great.

Ceiling Final 2

Textured Ceiling Removal

Another Before Shot of the Texture

This shot really shows how much texture was on the ceiling.

Entire Ceiling Before

The ceiling had a couple electrical boxes that were no longer going to be used. These were removed and holes were only cut for the vents and light fixtures the home owner later installed.

Entire Mud Room Before

You can see how much patching had to be done and just the general state of the room.

Before Shot of Textured Ceiling

The home owners tackled some work on their own before the ceiling replacement.

Before Shot of Wall

The home owners installed this door so they could have access to the garage from inside the house.

Old Ceiling Removed

For this room the best option was to completely remove the old ceiling.

Shot During Work

Half way through putting the new ceiling up. 5/8 drywall was used because it helps prevent waviness in the ceiling and it offers more fire protection.

Room Taped and Ready for Primer

There was a lot of taping for a room this size because the drywall had to be patched from when the homeowner installed the door.

Priming is a very important step esp

Priming is a very important step especially with a mixture of new and old drywall and joint compound. This step gives the final paint color an even finish.

Final Shot of Room

The trim was also painted white to really help it stand out and match the ceiling paint.

Final Shot of Room after Painting

Since this room is primarily a mud room the home owner wanted a darker color to hide the dirt that will eventually end up in this room.

Furniture Assembly

Dining Room Table

Assembled dining room table and matching chair set.

Foosball Table

Foosball and other game tables often come in multiple boxes and be complicated to build property.

Grill Assembly

Many items packaging is designed to fit into cars. This means items like grills need assembly when you get them home.

Sit-Stand Desk

There are many benefits to a sit-stand desk, but because of their moving parts are often difficult to assemble.

Bunk Bed Assembled

Kids love bunk beds, but they come in many boxes that may be overwhelming for some.