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Digital Locks

Digital locks are a great convenience to add to your home. They are great if you have kids because there is no key to lose or hide. Some can also alert you when they are unlocked letting you know your child got home safe from school. Some allow temporary codes that you could give to a house or pet sitter while you are away, and after a certain amount of time the code will no longer work. This is also a nice feature if you have contractors or other people coming to work inside your home. More advanced digital locks will recognize your phone in your pocket and automatically unlock as you approach, and lock as you leave. This is a great feature when your hands are full so you don’t have to set things down and dig through your pocket or purse for your keys. Digital locks can be installed in place of old dead bolt locks and knob style locks. There are many styles to choose from to update or compliment the look of your home.

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