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Winterize Your Equipment

It’s that time of year again to store your equipment with engines. Lawn mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers and anything else is susceptible to the ethanol in modern gas. The shelf life of gas is only about four weeks, and after that time the ethanol breaks down clogging small passages in your engines carburetor. To store your equipment either drain all the gas and run it until it is completely out of gas, or mix a fuel stabilizer with fuel and fill the tank to the brim. With the stabilized fuel run the machine for about five minutes to the stabilized fuel can make its way into the fuel system. Top it off again so water cannot condense in the tank during winter. Winterizing equipment is also a good time to change the oil in four stroke engines, and to change the spark plug. Doing this will help your equipment start right up when you need it in spring. TIP: Keep your leaf blower (gas or electric) handy during winter-they can quickly clear light now off of sidewalks and cars.

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